5 ideas you can enjoy on this Raksha Bandhan 2020

Raksha Bandhan

Whenever we talk about the bond of brother and sister, it reminds us of the cartoon characters of Tom and Jerry and their funny fights. Be it trying to steal T.V remote and sharing secrets and making fun of each other, but there is still another bold take on the place of one of them. With sweet memories of growing up together, it’s a sibling that makes each family happier. What’s more, since it’s Raksha Bandhan, we thought of sharing some lovely things about the festival that make your sibling feel extra special.

As we all know, the situation of covid19 so, it’s hard to plan of celebrating Rakhi as we have been celebrating through past years. So we hope that the ideas we are going to share here will surely help you make this 2020 a memorable one.

Plan a Movie Night at Home

Missing the crowded movie theater and time of popcorn and cold drink? Then recreate it by planning a movie night with your brother and family members. Select some fun-loving movies of brother and sister and enjoy the togetherness. You can also refresh the childhood memories by watching your fun-loving videos. Believe it; this is the loveliest idea you can go through. Just give your home and theater-like atmosphere and enjoy the movies with homemade snacks. If you want to save your time on such a beautiful occasion, you can order food along with you can send rakhi online gifts.

Cooking Together For Parents

Well, this is the loveliest idea you can go for! Cooking is a fun-loving activity that helps you make some more amazing memories and gives you happy vibes. Cook some favorite food of your parents or your siblings and enjoy the day with all. This is the right time for you to showcase your love and attention throughout this lovely idea. So, Rakhi is just approaching, make your list and give it a try this year.

Capture Stylish Pictures

Who doesn’t love to grab appreciation from Instagram followers? There is no doubt everyone else! Just dress up and capture some pictures with your sibling and make a statement of style. This is a cool idea to post photos on social media, and else you can make a scrapbook later with a title of Siblinghood. So if you are about to order a Rakhi gift online, this scrapbook will be the best option then. So, through this idea, you can create some beautiful memories that you and your sibling remember for a lifetime.

Play Video Games

The busy life schedule has separated us from our family that we rarely get time to sit with them. This year on Rakhi, spend quality time with your family members and enjoy your Rakhi season by playing video games with your brother/sister. This idea will not only make your sibling happier but also give your parents a reason to smile. You can play various games like PUBG, and if you want to can try cards. The only point is enjoyment, so try it and Experiencia the fun activity.

Save Raksha Bandhan With Online Shopping

A crowded market is not so safe due to the spread of Corona. So, it’s better idea to save your time by doing online shopping and get online rakhi delivery to gurgaon on your doorstep. There are various shops from where you can get the amazing gifts that your siblings wish for. Just imagine,  he or she opens the door, receives the parcel, and when they open it and find their favorite gift, what will be their reaction? It will be wow that gives you immense happiness in return too. In this way, you can save more time and spend it with your loving brother or sister. So, we suggest you try this idea and make this Raksha Bandhan the best one from all the passing years.

Cutting a Raksha Bandhan Cake

No celebration is complete without a cake-cutting ritual. As these are lockdown days, start this pious day with Rakhi cake cutting and spread the sweetness into your relationship. The cake is a great idea to get you into the mood of festivity and give a celebration a good start. Cut the cake, but don’t forget to capture your sibling’s cake facial face as this will add more fun into the day that he/she will cherish forever as a sweet memory of yours.

Words will fall short if we start writing about the love bond of brother and sister. The most beautiful relationship that is never gonna fade doesn’t matter. So, here we shared some fun-loving things you can do at home this 2020. So go for it because reading will not give you the fun but experience will.

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