Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning : Dryers across the nation are responsible for almost 20,000 house fires annually. The leading cause of house fires has turned out to be lint accumulated in your dryer vent for long, says the National fire protection association (NFPA). That is one reason for having your dryer vents clean, and knowingly homemakers make such a mistake that they go through a tough time. 


After doing your laundry completely, your wet clothes produce moist and warm air. It’s the Dryer’s duty that you own to vent out that air directly out of your house immediately. It is a simple process of taking out the unwanted stand, so your home only has fresh, clean air to breathe. If such a system fails, it has subsequently consequences on not just the appliance or the HVAC system but also the homemaker’s health.


Every Dryer has this lint trap, which protects lint from passing through the vents and getting clogged. Even if one cleans the lint trap after each load, there’s always a chance that it might get accumulated in the duct, somehow leading to decreased efficiency of the appliance and high risk of fire hazard.

Even if it’s a commercial drying vent or a simple home dryer, a little attention to details about the dyer’s essential maintenance can save you from creating a huge mess. The following are some reasons why cleaning is so crucial:

  • Upon Lint accumulation, the Dryer pushes itself to work efficiently, and to do so utilizes more energy than a regular dryer would. It leads to higher bills.
  • A clogged vent is why your Dryer’s efficiency is affected, and it takes longer to dry clothes than usual. 
  • The lint in your vents causes heat emulsion and can be one primary reason for circuit breakdowns and fire hazards.


No one desires to spend a million dollars on property damage, but alas, sometimes minor negligence has its costs. Lint that’s stuck up in the vent causes fire hazards and causes so much damage that one can’t even imagine. It’s better to know about the warning signs and work on cleaning the vents instead of regretting later. These signs are for both dryer vent cleaning and also for commercial dryer vent cleaning.

  • The dryer appliance is warm when touched.
  • Clothes take a long time to dry. 
  • The laundry room is humid and has an unpleasant odor.
  • You find lint stuck up in and behind the appliance. 
  • The lint screen inside one Dryer fills up quicker than expected.


Annual cleanup of your vents is necessary. Suppose you are a building owner and have a commercial drying system. In that case, cleaning is done every two months as the lint accumulation is directly dependent on the appliance usage. Here are some factors that contribute to lint buildup: 

  • Exterior also matters and cannot be neglected. Vent cover when broken, no matter how clean you keep your pipes from the inside, there’s a high risk of flying particles getting inside your duct system, leading to clogged vents. 
  • It’s essential to get your ductwork done by high rated professionals of your area as a minor fault can cause some severe damage. 
  • PVC pipes and plastic pipes, when clogged, can quickly catch fire. It’s crucial to check that all your hose is of metal or foil and not plastic.

All of the above factors, one way or the other, cause such inefficiencies that can be visible and are active warning signs that your ductwork needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Every system installed has its specifications and requires a different kind of cleanup. 


The maintenance system of any appliance whole year-round can be complicated. If one can manage to ask a professional HVAC cleaner, they would preferably inspect and provide a report and then start initializing the cleaning process according to the need. Whereas if one can do it on your own to safeguard the appliance and the ductwork, a basic knowledge of how to clean would do its job. Superstores have DIY cleaning equipment, and one can buy according to their needs and how pocket friendly it is. 

Here’s how one can DIY clean and sanitize dryer vent:

  • The first thing. Unplug the Dryer from the electric circuit. It is one crucial step. Remember, you are not supposed to start cleaning if the power source is still on, and the appliance is always connected. 
  • Move the Dryer a bit away from the wall. It provides enough room to clean the vents and makes it easy to reach points where you couldn’t have gone before. 
  • With the help of cotton pads and rubbing alcohol, wipe down your dryer walls’ inner side to clean sensors.
  • With the help of a simple rounded soft-bristled brush, scrub the hose’s inner and loosen all the dirt and debris stuck around the vent. 
  • Always keep a hanger, specifically a wire hanger, handy to snake out all that has been scrubbed prior.
  • Now use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all lint and debris and insects if they were breeding inside. 
  • Keep all screws and hinges insight and now reattach the hose from both ends. 
  • Unscrew the outside vent cover and scrub it well with the help of a brush gently. 
  • Now vacuum the vent from the outside to ensure not a single particle is left behind while cleaning. 
  • Reconnect the power supply and run the Dryer empty for at least a few minutes and check if the air vents out from the exterior hub.
  • Turn off the Dryer, remove the power supply again, clean out the exterior if needed, or put back the cover on and screw it well. 

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