Are you seeking effective ways to immigrate to the United States by way of investment? Do you want to invest money in the economy of the United States in order to get an investment-related visa? Here, Form I-526 plays an important role. This post will assist you in understanding how it works and why it is so important.


The I-526 is an important form that should be completed to file an application of an investor visa. An investor visa comes with specific requirements that make types of investors eligible for it. This form is also known as the Immigration Petition by Alien Entrepreneur. The beneficiary of the investor visa completes this form with the aim to file for conditional permanent residency via the dedicated investment programs.

The primary aim of this form is to prove that the money being invested originated from an ethical and legal source. The United States does not accept any money obtained from an illegal source.

Who Needs Form I-526?

People who want an investment-related visa need to file an I-526. It is available on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) website at free of cost. Keep in mind; you still need to be eligible for an EB 5 visa before filling this form.

Talking about the EB 5 visa requirements, you need to invest in an approved EB 5 project or be in the process of investing in a project. There are several types of projects in which you can invest in. And, the investment amount must be between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in a designated EB 5 project. Moreover, it must create ten permanent full-time jobs in the United States economy.

It is important to note that most I-526 applications are filed on behalf of the intended visa beneficiary by an immigration lawyer or legal counselor. In most cases, it is important to ensure that the application runs smoothly and all the required boxes are ticked.

Required Documents for Form I-526

An EB 5 eligible project: It includes articles of incorporation, merger or consolidation certificates, state business certificates, joint venture, or limited partnership agreements.

The right amount of amount should be invested: It requires bank statements, loan or mortgage certificates, security agreements, promissory notes, or any evidence that shows the investment amount.

The investment amount should be generated from legal sources: It includes five years of tax returns, pays stubs of the funds that originated from a salary, bank account statements, securities statements, and so on.

The investment should create ten full-time U.S. jobs: It includes a business plan detailing the personnel required.

The investor should be involved with day-to-day management or senior leadership requirements: It requires investments like corporate documents, statements, and description of duties.

How to Fill The Form?

It is quite tricky to fill the form I-526. The best advice is to follow the guidelines available on the official website of USCIS. As said earlier, the I-526 is a field on behalf of the visa beneficiary. You can ask a U.S. registered lawyer to file your I-526 on your behalf if you do not have any idea about how to go about the process.

Where to File?

Depending on your situation and chosen method of postage, you can select the address. The different addresses for applications of form I-526 are available on the official website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is essential for you to distinguish whether you are U.S. Postal Service or commercial delivery services. There are several handy tips available to guide you through the entire process. Sign all the documents before submitting them. If there are any unsigned documents, they will get rejected and returned to you. Supply any and all your personal details required in the I-526.

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