Buying a Hot Tub

There are plenty of things to consider when finding the right hot tub for your home and family, from staple features including the number of seats to more technical details including the number of jets to the water filtration system that is being used. 

Purchasing a hot tub may seem like a terrifying venture, but don’t worry because we’re here to help! Buying your first hot tub is one of the best investments you can do to your home and well-being. But before you make your move and decide about this life-changing investment, it’s important that you do your homework first to avoid buying the wrong one and end up remorse about it. 

Here’s a buying guide that will help you filter through all the hot tub brands and models on the market. 

#1 Why Do You Want/Need a Hot Tub? 

Well, this is an obvious question that you have to answer since it will help you figure the type of hot tub purchase you have to make. Do you need any physical therapy for your body? Or maybe you’re suffering from a chronic illness or a past injury you are wanting to heal. If you do have, then look for a hot tub that provides soothing and stimulating hydrotherapy will be your best bet. 

You can look into features including the jets, seating, controls, and heating systems because these are important considerations. Meanwhile, if you want to party like there’s no tomorrow, you may add some hot tub features, including LCD screen and stereo speakers might take priority.

#2 Research Hot Tubs Online 

Buying a Hot Tub

It’s a great idea to do your research to gather information about Hot Tubs, Spas, and Jacuzzi. There are many people who have hot tubs in the UK and are loving the different social and health benefits that come with them. Another great suggestion is to read hot tub reviews to have an idea about what a Hot Tub lifestyle is like and how it can benefit you. You should understand why you would want an outdoor Hot Tub since it will be your indicator of what type of Spa you should research. 

#3 Know Where You’re Going to Place it

A hot tub can either be a fine focal point or an awful eyesore. So, this will depend on where in your backyard you’re going to place it. It would be great to show a rough sketch of your backyard to your local hot tub dealer. In this way, you may check the layout together and look for the other living space. If you think you’re still not sure, you can even ask your local hot tub expert to schedule an on-site evaluation. 

#4 Determine the Shape and Size 

Buying a Hot Tub

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. The first thing you need to think about is how much space you have in your garden and how you can get access to it. This may even limit the hot tub size you can accommodate. You may ask your new home builder to help you conduct an outdoor site survey. If there are problems with access to your garden, they may tell you to use a crane to help lift your hot tub or spa over your house. 

The next thing you can do is to consider the number of people you will have in the hot tub at once. If you want to do some regular hot tub parties, then you would require more seats than standard family size. However, a bigger hot tub may not always mean having plenty of seats, they are commonly more comfortable with more space to move around in. Furthermore, consider the height of the people using the hot tub. Most common standard hot tubs are around 90cm high, but the lengths vary. If you want a hot tub with a lounge seat, they must be accommodating to taller and shorter people comfortably. You can check its comfort by sitting in a dry hot tub at a local showroom. 

#5 How Much Should I Spend on a Hot Tub?

Buying a Hot Tub

Although we want to give you a specific answer to this, there are plenty of things which will affect the price of a hot tub. Experts will tell you that the cheapest hot tubs will not always work out as the best value as they may be more expensive to run or need a more strict cleaning regime. Do the research you can, looking for the features you can’t live without and then finding a hot tub that checks as many boxes as you can. 

The cost of a hot tub will be the most crucial consideration. You’ll surely want to find how much the hot tub will cost to keep up and run together with the first investment and possible repairs. Hot tub prices and the scope for first purchase will rely on the model, brand, year, size, number of jets, and other accessories you would want to add.

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